Exhibition Opening by Beatriz Minguez de Molina

by Beatriz Minguez


Beatriz Minguez


Beatriz Minguez de Molina is an architect and visual artist. Come and join her to the opening of the exhibition: Endless water holding weight in and outer space transforms the reality where the body is freed from its heavy burden, protected under water, in blue-green flat images in which the body dances and seems to fly -which does not submerge-, and feels free . Although always on the edge of the abyss, below the horizontal line of the surface, which symmetrically divides the images in the third series of It seems I can go down forever. Above the waterline – which is sharply outlined – the force of gravity becomes, or is “imagined” unbearable, unaffordable. Well, with only one gesture just opening your mouth-the loss is definitive. The series is composed by 10 dyptichs.