What we do

MOB provides the coworking community for talented professionals and students to flourish.

Classes and workshops

MOB covers a diverse range of subject matter for you to choose from. No discipline is beyond our community of experts, from VR to sustainability, we have the learning experience you are looking for.

Hackathons and Makerthons

We organize intensive sessions that gather talented professionals from various disciplines for collaborative problem solving and creativity brainstorming.

Bootcamps for future entrepreneurs

MOB bootcamps are Intensive results-focused courses on taking business ideas and making them a reality in the form of a product or service.

For Who?

For in-soul entrepreneurs, dreamers and companies or individuals willing to innovate & make the change.


Our mentors are real entrepreneurs who come from our pool of talent: the community. Here are a few of them:









With thanks to MOB’s diverse network of partners, allies and entrepreneurs, we are able to offer an unrivalled range of cutting-edge courses.


½ coffee shop and ½ digital fabrication laboratory, FABCAFE also created the FabMasters classes to introduce you to digital fabrication.

AII Women

Artificial Intelligence Immersive and Tech Specialization Courses for women, by women.

Project Youngfish

Project Youngfish is a two week full time program in creativity and innovation, for youth who are out-of-the-box adventurers or challenge seekers and actively in search for jobs.


Wanna do some awesome things with us? Get in touch at hello@mob-barcelona.com