Book presentation and art exhibition

by MOB


Book presentation + art exposition
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Every time I draw It’s like a little story. A few days ago I drew some animals in a very simple way just to have fun. And I finally really liked the graphic way I did it and thought that I had to do more. So I spend all day making illustration without thinking so much and l let my subconscious draw for me!
When I finished I tried to find an order, a story and think « seriously » about making a book with it. It’s for little children (like me 😉 ) so if you have 5 years old you are very welcome to give me your opinion 🙂
This event is a good excuse for me to show the original illustration of this little book, get some fell back, you will also see others originals artworks which are exhibit on the wall and… possibility to win one print!
Hope to see you there sharing some food, drink, smile and happiness 🙂
Lola Lecoutour