Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
€60; Mobbers €51


 A series of workshops dedicated to books and everything that surrounds them

We are pleased to introduce you to a special guest, who will be leading bookbinding workshops in the next few weeks!

What is Naikare?


Naikare is artistic bookbinding, book repair, teaching and everything you need to create them. Naikare was born from the passion for ‘paper books’, their texture, their colours, their stories, from seeing that the binding alone can tell you what you are going to discover inside, or realising that inside you can find more than just words. It is the charm of craftsmanship, of the unique piece, of the work done with time and care… you have all this in every Naikare book.

What are the workshops about?


Naikare’s workshops are dedicated to the book and everything that surrounds it: binding, calligraphy, illustration… In them you will learn how to make books that you can repeat at home without the need for specific machinery. Because the “paper book” has not lost its charm, because it has an infinite number of formats and because you can make them too. For three hours, your hands and your creativity will be put to work and Mercè Capell (or another specialist) will accompany you so that your copy will be the first of many that you will be able to make at home.

Workshop 4: Introduction to illustration


In this workshop we are going to introduce you to illustration. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it or if you are lost. We will accompany you whether you have your own idea or if you don’t have any. We will learn to let our hands go, to give shape to our ideas, as well as to learn how to put those ideas on paper and to make a correct composition of the illustration. Workshop by Alex Landers


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