Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
Graham Eisner + MOB Academy


Business coaching live example session a

Graham Eisner has been a professional business coach for the last 20 years. His focus has been to help entrepreneurs find ways to increase their business/sales/profitablility, find more clients, increase business with existing clients.

Graham works very quickly to solve business challenges. He will hold a Business coaching live example session at Mob on 20th May at 630pm.  He will coach live 6 entrepreneurs with 6 different challenges, each for ten minutes. The aim will be that anyone who comes to the session will learn from the scenarios, as so often the challenges are repeated amongst entrepreneurs.

If you have a business growth challenge, please send to academy@mob-barcleona.com

  • the name of your company, website, and three line summary of the business growth challenge.

Graham will pick 6 of these before the session.