Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
LbH + MOB Academy


Wondering how to generate a possitive change in our society? Get to understand how social entrepreneurship works!

Every single day, the world faces new and more complicated problems but, luckly some organizations work very hard to create a better and improved future in which companies become part of the social change.

One of these companies, is Learning by helping, company that highlights creative and social projects that has already carried out more than 35 projects that found solutions to social problems in 8 different countries around the world.

Another one is SINGA, the biggest refugee community in Europe, who has been working towards the creation of projects through the connection between refugees and local people.

In this workshop, the directors of both organizations meet to share their experiences and fill us with optimism.

Fernando Sola – Director of Learning by Helping.
Industrial engineer specialized in innovation methodology. He was the director of incubator EMPREAR (65 startups). Founded Eclon, a startup dedicated to the first 3D printer in Latin America, as well as Wolox IoT, startup dedicated to projects of Internet of Things.

Tomy Megna – Director of Learning by Helping.
Creative consultant for NGOs. He won several international creative awards. He led and developed different social innovation projects for entities like TEDx (Argentina), Spanish commission for Refugees’ Assistance (Spain), Norwegian Refugee Council (Norway) y Telethon (Mexico).

Olga Sganzerla – Coordinator of SINGA Barcelona
Consultant in Innovation. Strategy and Agile Methodology specialist.

Language: Spanish

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