Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
Learning by Helping + MOB Academy


What is the formula for happiness?

It’s hard to know what the formula for happiness is. But surely bringing your talent and work closer to your passion or mission helps a lot.

In this meeting we will discuss the different ways and methodologies that exist to stop being complicit in the problem and become complicit in the solution through your talent applied to the creation and development of social projects.

And because sometimes with words (and images) (and videos) (and exercises) are not enough, Learning by Helping, seedbed of creative projects of social impact, will invite different actors of the social ecosystem in Barcelona, to get to know each other and why not, have a few beers, so that taking the step to start changing the world, is easier.

Fernando Sola
Director of Learning by Helping.
Industrial engineer specialized in innovation methodologies. He was director of the incubator EMPREAR (65 startups). He founded Eclon, startup dedicated to the first 3D printer in Latin America and also Wolox IoT, startup dedicated to Internet of Things projects.

Tomy Megna
Directors of Learning by Helping.
Creative consultant for NGOs. Winner of several international creative awards. Directed and developed social innovation projects for entities such as TEDx (Argentina), Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado (Spain), Norwegian Refugee Council (Norway) and Teletón (Mexico).


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