Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
Refugee Friendly


A different perspective of how to use creativity to develop solutions to social problems and innovative business models

“Houston, we have an opportunity” seeks to end with the idea that ”you can’t make a living from a social impact organization”. That’s why we’ll learn about the Refugee Friendly case (www.refugeefriendly.org), an entrepreneurship that seeks to generate sociocultural insertion of refugees based on building friendship with local people.

The event will be held in Spanish
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About the speakers

Alexandra Boiria and Bruno Sraer are Founders and Directors of Refugee Friendly

Alexandra is an Advertising creative specializing in brand and content creation. She was a copywriter, freelance and awarded in the FePI. He continued his journey applying creativity to social impact, developing various proposals for intercultural mediation with immigrants and refugees, from which Refugee Friendly was born. To this day, she is writing a novel based on real events in collaboration with Ousman Umar, Founder of NASCO and Africa coordinator of Proactiva OpenArms.

Bruno has is a consultant for entrepreneurs and artists, he accompanies them to take their projects to the next level. He works with creativity techniques to design solutions and create innovative business models. With a Degree in Marketing, he experienced in research of the market in sectors like innovation of mass consumer products, communication, after-sales service and beverage market. He was a strategic planning consultant for Coca-Cola Company Latin America and an entrepreneur in the textile sector.

The event will be held in Spanish
Free entrance