Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
120 €
MOB Academy


Workshop in Spanish

MOB Academy and Carles Tenorio present a serie of modular workshop about 2 and 3 D Game art

Each workshop will last 12 h Mon-Wed 10am-2pm at MOB Bailen.

You can do only one module or more than one.

Ask for special offers at academy@mob-barcleona.comD

During this week we will learn:

. Fundamentals and basics of how to apply modular design in the Environment Art 3D
. How to model a Game Assets 3D pack in lowpoly, using the modular design
. How to develop and create a Master Texture optimized for mobile videogame

The workshop will be in Spanish

– Game Art is the development of artistic material that is required to make the whole visual part of a video game.

– Within Game Art, there are many areas, such as: conceptual art, 3D modeling, the texturization process, the development of visual art environments, the creation of characters, animation, the visual design of interfaces. . etc

– These Masterclass will be focused on 2 areas exclusively Game Art. 3D modeling, and texturing. Focused on a Game Art for mobile devices

– Being a Game Art 3D training activity, and oriented to mobile platforms, special interest will be made in the extreme optimization. That is, that the material is prepared in an optimal way, for mobile platforms

– Free software, is a type of software that has its open source. This means that anyone can enter the software code and comply with the philosophy of free software, which is: study, learn, help, improve and share

– It is important not to confuse free software, with free software. Although free software is often free, it does not have to be free

– Blender is a powerful, practical and comfortable 3D editing software. With it, you can do any task in the world of 3D, such as modeling, sculpture, texturing, composition, rendering, animation and video editing. In addition to being open source, extremely powerful and versatile, it is also very affordable: it is free and multiplatform

– It is a software that does not require a high learning curve for its use. And for that reason it is an ideal software, for people who want to introduce themselves in 3D

– For any traditional artist, who wants to take the step and know a new, powerful, versatile and free digital tool.

– For any illustrator and / or concept artist who wants to take the step and know the world of 3D in a comfortable and practical way, in order to amplify and complement their 2D skills.

– For any digital designer who wants to start in 3D and learn a new terrain such as 3D video games, thus expanding their knowledge and skills.

– For any traditional modeler, who wants to learn in a comfortable and practical way to optimize their 3D material for video games intended for mobile platforms.

– For any texturizer that wants to learn new techniques and to know new horizons in texturing optimization for mobile videogames.

– For any 2D / 3D animator who wants to learn how to make game assets in a comfortable, agile and optimized way for the development of their own personal projects.

– For any programmer who wants to learn and realize their 3D assets in a very comfortable and agile way, so you can prepare your own prototypes.

– Or simply for anyone who wants to know the artistic development of video games for mobile platforms, and who has no knowledge or experience whatsoever

– It does not require any knowledge and experience in 3D, or in video games. It’s an introduction Masterclass. Just for learning and having fun.

– Laptop and mouse, although it is not mandatory to attend. It is indifferent to the platform or operating system of the laptop. Blender works and is compatible on both Windows, Mac and Linux



Carles Tenorio Game art teacher, project lead