Discover how ecology and sustainability are applied in food, events and floral decoration.

Regina Porcel will tell us how ‘Re-Pera’ was created and what it is, a the project that turns any event into an exclusive, sustainable and ecological event.
Maria Puig leads the Flora Floral Art Barcelona brand, she will explain to us through a demonstration with plants, how to decorate events and spaces while still caring about the environment.
And, last but not least, Laura Albors and Aleš Tvrdý, creators of the Petit Brot restaurant, the first and only 100% organic restaurant and juicery in Barcelona, specializing in raw-vegan cuisine. They will tell you how they prepare their dishes and what they do so that they are both healthy and nutritious, as well as how to make it all environmentally friendly.

In addition, at the end of the talk you will be able to taste their vegan and ecological delicacies.

Due to a limited amount of space available, this event is RSVP only!