Learn how to make your own cheese!

Are you a cheese lover? Then read on, because we have THE workshop for you!

MOB Bailén’s kitchen becomes a lab for our first experimental workshop of FOOD LAB events, led by Rob, who describes himself as a guy from London who somehow ended up making cheese in the city, rather than the countryside. 

Here in Barcelona we don’t have the space for cows but what we do have is people who love cheese, so it seemed like a good place to do it and share my love for the art of cheese making.” 

As well as being co-founder of the Revel App, product owner and remote team advisor, Rob tells us how he got into the world of cheese.

My cheese adventure started on a small farm in the mountains of Granada, where I learned the alchemy of converting milk into any kind of cheese. For two weeks I lived there, and they taught me everything I needed to know to enter this world of ferments, rennet, calcium chloride, citric acid, among others. These ingredients play a fundamental role in the process so that making our own cheese is much easier“. 

In this first workshop we will make a Feta cheese, easy to make and with hardly any curing period. Afterwards and with a glass of wine, Rob will tell us more about the elaboration process while we taste the cheese we have prepared. 


🧂Special price for MOB members (ask a team member for the discount code) 

💬English and Spanish speaker friendly event

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