Saturday 29th June, 10:00h
Jeopardy Hackaton
15 euros Early Birds 10 Euros
Kali Tech + MOBacademy


Do you want to improve your Computer Skills? Are you interested in Hacking? Concerned about CyberSecurity? Would you like to be introduced into the Hacking Universe! Join us and Catch the Flag!

The 29th June, MOB will host its first Jeopardy Hackaton.

A Catch the flag game is like the paintball game where two teams has to conquer their oponent and take their flag. In the  jeopardy version is about looking for secret keys inside a codes or programs. An scape room but using Hacking Skillsets. Each key or tip allows to go into another stage and  allows the improvement of your knowledge. All the tips will guide the user to the final flag. Be the first one to catch it and win the hackaton! Catch the Flag!

During all the Hackaton, a short masterclasses and pills about Hacking and Security Skills so everybody can learn at it’s own pace

Challenges on this CTF

CTFs MOB June 2019 will focus on those four main areas:

  • Programming

    • These types of tasks usually require some sort of programming to solve. In most cases, it will involve a mixture of programming and some reverse engineering.
  • “Crypto”

    • These challenges feature common “real world” scenarios that often include the ever-popular ransomware type of malware.
  • Exploitation

    • These tasks will force you to determine how to exploit (using buffer overflow, string format, SQL injection, etc.…) a given running process on the CTF target machine.
  • Reverse Engineering

    • For tasks like this, reverse engineering will usually be required, for example, when the server sends you an executable.

About the mentor:

Ignasi Pascual Soul and Heart 100% Geek. After assembling his first computer at 8 years old, he couldn’t stop of making tons of electronic devices. He graduated as a Master in Electrical Engineering to and start a company and make the difference. Produce and offer his own vision to the world, a better world where machines and gadgets do the things we dislike to do and enjoy this free time doing what we love the most. That’s the main reason he started to create Start-ups and New Businesses. His ambition was to share his vision.

About MOB Academy:

we empower people to live in a sustainable world. We offer educational experiences based on global centered innovation, in order to provide practical solution to real world problems.