Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
Rich Goddard


In 2019, we have everything we need. We can do and achieve what previous generations never dreamed possible. And yet…the world seems to be completely losing its mind.
Our emotions, attention and focus are being pulled in all directions, from technology to advertising and every apocalyptic news headline. In a world designed to pull us apart, it becomes more important than ever to understand ourselves, our emotions and our minds.
As a marketer and coach, Rich Goddard has spent his studies and career understanding what motivates and drives people. Now he aims to reverse engineer the marketing process, in order to understand ourselves better.
How to Lose Your Mind in the 21st Century explores the various factors of modern life which are battling to win our emotions – and what we can do to win them all back.
Rich Goddard has spent his career working between multinational brands and entrepreneurs; using his marketing background to understand people and facilitate ideas. As a coach, he helps people to not only focus on the things that really matter to them, but to understand themselves and their minds, in a world designed to make us lose them. See more at www.richgoddard.co