Collaging female figures inspired by HANNAH H öCH


Dadaist Photomontage Artist We explore and discuss female representation in Hannah Höch’s work and move forward to creating our own characters by using collage technique.

‘Höch was not only a rare female practicing prominently in the arts in the early part of the 20thcentury – near unique as a female active in the Dada movement that coalesced in her time – she also consciously promoted the idea of women working creatively more generally in society. She explicitly addressed in her pioneering artwork in the form of photomontage the issue of gender and the figure of woman in modern society. Her transformation of the visual elements of others by integrating them into her own larger creative projects evidenced a welldeveloped early example of “appropriation” as an artistic technique. ‘ (The Art Story)

In this workshop series we look into and get inspired by artworks made by female artists. The aim is not only to draw focus on and learn about women in art but also explore concepts, techniques and methods that these artists work with. At each workshop we focus on one artist and get our brains and hands working. All workshops are open to all gender and age groups and to anyone who is interested in learning more about female artists with a creative approach, regardless of their gender and age. No additional skills required. Bring your own scissors, otherwise materials included 🙂

Cost 15 Euros

Language English

Mentor:  Nora Schmel

Don’t forget! This is part of a cycle of workshops! Next one will be about Yayoi Kusama