Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
Workshop presentations and video editing
WARKS + MOB Academy


Refine your slideshows and presentations to make them smarter / Embrace your cinematic inquisitiveness by capturing and editing through your smart device using Power Director app.


Discover WARKS, european brand for education through instructional design and educational experiences.

For who is it?

I – Everyone interested in getting to create nicer and more significant slideshows and presentations through a simplification of elements following some essential graphic design principles.

II – Also those ones who enjoy capturing and recording but find editing not-that-much sexy or even a huge turn-off.

Goal: Getting to know the essential principles of the Bauhaus Theory for Desing and Bruno Munari’s Design and Visual Communication. Designing more simple and effective slideshows and presentations. Xpress video capturing and editing through your smart device.



  • Divulgation
  • Lab (I + II)


Please bring: your laptop + your smartphone


About the mentor: 

WARKS: European brand for Instructional Design in Education based in Barcelona. The brand is focused on designing and implementing educational experiences based on creativity, lateral and disruptive thinking. Also brand for game design.

Miquel Navarro: founder of WARKS, brand for Instructional Design and Game Design. Former Technical Architect, after working in Emirates, China and Germany he decided changing the Architecture office for a classroom and became high school teacher and higher education professor. He is instructor for German language, concept art for videogames, design in education, he is also professor at La Salle University Barcelona in Master Universitari de Formació de Professorat and menthor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya helping students bringing out some innovation into their TFMs. WARKS has designed and implemented the one and only educational experience for Fira Barcelona  inside Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona where 45 students from all over Barcelona (from Sarrià to Raval) got together to create the city to live in through a puzzle game as creativity tool inspired by Ildefons Cerdà’s Eixample of Barcelona.

About MOB Academy: we empower people to live in a sustainable world. We offer educational experiences based on global centered innovation, in order to provide practical solution to real world problems.