Thursday 1st January, 00:00h


Let’s Talk is a series of talks that aim to bring you closer to the talent we have at MOB.


Every Wednesday at 6 pm, we invite you to meet one of our “mobbers” with a 20-minute talk followed by a round of questions. The talks will revolve around innovation, technology, design & learning experiences as well as other related topics.

A change of concept in the world of work

To  that “work is no longer what it used to be” you just have to take a look around you. Today thinking only in terms of traditional jobs ignores millions of people who add sources of income and shape their own lives through a wide variety of unconventional employment: freelancers, telecommuting, working through economy-on-demand platforms, gig economy, etc.

In this edition we will talk with Albert Cañigueral, Connector in the Ouishare community-network. He is focused on exploring the future of work and digital platforms. In this talk we’ll be discussing topics such as: What digital platforms do these freelancers use to find work? What labour rights are put at risk with the digitisation of labour relations? How are people collectively organised to deal with platforms? Can the same technology that pixelates labour relations be an ally to the challenges of digital work? And how does all this change the nature of companies?