Thursday 1st January, 00:00h


Thursday 13th leave the laptops at home because it’s time for some celebration! Nothing better than spending christmas with family. Your MOB family! So, we organized the best xmas party !!! (yasss) To gather all together and celebrate this 2018 that is almost over (already?!), to celebrate our successes and to laugh about failures.. And to party with Santa until the sun is up!

In order to have the best night of our lives (no we don’t oversell it!) and that everything goes as planned, we need this super important things from all of you!

First, if you are coming (or not, but we hope that is not the case..) please make sure to confirm your assistance to the event.

Second, every participant will be asked to bring a homemade dish and a drink to share with everyone at the dinner. We know you mobber, so don’t forget about the homemade dish! 😉 (no drinking with empty stomach allowed!)

Third, since gifts are without doubt the best thing about Christmas, we will organise our own Secret Santa!! To participate you MUST fill the excel with your name.
Budget: 5 euros! be creative 😉
We will collect all the presents and after dinner they will be distributed randomly only to those who participated, meaning those that are on the list.