Every Tuesday, 08:30h
Mobbers: 8€ / Class or 25€ / 5 classes
Externals: 10€ / Class or 30€ / 5 classes
Valentina Moressa


Morning hatha yoga with Valentina

All day at your desk, sleeping on your laptop?! It’s probably time to get your mind and body connected. 

  • healthy moves to fight bad posture, 
  • breathing techniques to relax your body and mind,
  • meditation to connect to the universe (without wifi)


It’s easier than ever to join the class: if you are an early bird you can start your Tuesdays with yoga at 08:30am at MOB Bailen; if you are more of a night owl you can finish your Wednesdays with a session at MOB Bailén at 19h

Hatha yoga instructor (and Mobber) Valentina will be teaching in English. Her classes will focus on spinal health, core strength and flexibility through playful asanas and mindful movement. You won’t just be going through the motions: breathing exercises, mantras and guided meditation will help you get in the zone to reap the benefits of each session. You’ll come out both relaxed and energised, ready for the rest of your day (or night!).

Suitable for absolute beginners and advanced practitioners.