Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
Alexander Troitsky


Concepts, tools, tricks

How to stay stress-free under the shower of tasks?
How to understand what is really worth doing right now?
How to plan your time so that it is enough for all the tasks planned?
How to keep concentrated on the task you are working on?
How to make yourself start doing a task you are permanently procrastinating (and even do it with some pleasure!)?
How to treat your life as a project and get happy?
Wherever you work, whatever you do these life-hacks will be useful.
After our 1,5 hr  talk you’ll master the basic principles of organising your professional and personal routine and start liking it
About the speaker:
“Combining four interesting jobs at a time, at some point I realised that the only way to survive, stay happy and still efficient is to work out some principles that would allow me to manage my time, tasks, energy and mood. I’ve started researching, learning and trying. The result of this 6 year trip is a set of ideas, principles, instruments and life hacks, that I currently use and find them quite working. My desire is to share my experience with people around.”