Thursday 1st January, 00:00h


Could we rethink the way our urban spaces are organized? And most importantly how could we re-design and improve a model that has remained the same for decades?

Parking Day started in 2005 and is now celebrated in hundreds of cities around the world. It offers citizens, collectives and artists the opportunity to take over parking spots for a day to see what cities could be like.
This year, MOB is joining, with different entities as well as entrepreneurs to start a discussion about Creative Sustainability.
On one side, an exposition with a variety of creative and local talents who aspire to change the world and make it more sustainable. On the other side, an area thought for you to sit down wether it’s to have a coffee, relax or even start a conversation.
Entities & Entrepreneurs:

10am – 6.30pm:

FabCafe, half coffee shop, half a digital fabrication hub, they offers 3D printing, laser-cutting. They will show us locally designed products and 0 km.

Baluard Models creates sustainable products with residues of various materials, from coffee grounds, sea shells, to nutshells, among others.

Güeiv is a project that aims to boost sustainable and conscious fashion consumption, giving visibility to Latin American brands based on transparent, respectful, innovative and inclusive production practices.

2pm – 6.30pm:

Lüp Stand was born in MOB, it is a sustainable laptop stand to take care of the environment and your backs.

Sustainable Creativity Week:

  • Beach Clean-Up
Where? At MOB Pau
When? 13th of September, at 17.45
How much? Free
Links: Facebook & Webpage
  • Our Role in Climate Change 
Where? At MOB Bailén
When? 16th of September
How much? Free
Links: Facebook & Webpage
  • Coffee Tasting
Where? At MOB Caterina
When? September, 18th at 9.00.
How much? Free
Links: Facebook & Webpage
  • Well-being in the workplace 
Where? At MOB Pau
When? 19th of September, at 20.00
How much? Free
Links: Facebook & Webpage



Park(ing) Day:


  • Presentation of Social Makers: Creation of Projects with Evironmental Impact
Where? At MOB Bailén
When? 20th of September, at 17.00
How much? Free
  • Presentation of the Contest for Creatives YouFab 2019
Where? At MOB Bailén
When? 20th of September, at 17.30
How much? Free
  • Events, Flowers and Sustainable Food (RSVP only)
Where? At MOB Bailén
When? 20th of September, at 18.30
How much? Free
Links: FacebookRSVP
  • Happy Hour & Pop-Up Dinner by Cafe Fosc and Alimentar
Where? At Cafe Fosc
When? 20th of September, Happy Hour from 18.00 and Food from 19.30
Link: Facebook