Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
5 euros
Veronique Hariga


If you can see you can draw

A lot of people think they cannot draw. Actually if you can see, you can draw. Not only objects, but portraits, people, whatever you want. By developing the aptitude of observing the reality using the right part of your brain, you learn how to draw what you really see instead of drawing the idea you have about this reality. So easy. Let’s try. At least you’ll spend a good moment enjoying drawing (and it is so good to look at something else than your laptop!).


I propose you to gather (maximum group of 8 people) during 2h30. After a little explanation about the basics of this method, we will draw each other. The focus is on portraits, my favorite stuff.


April 16th

Price 5 Euros Materials included. You can pay the same day.

If you want you can bring a sketchbook A5 or A4, or sheets of paper. Pencil (HB, 2B), pen, ink, black or coloured,… Whatever you want to explore. There is no rule, just pleasure.

For whom?

All levels… People who wish to know more about sketching and drawing.



About me?

Working as a freelance illustrator, grafic designer, artist… and travelling a lot, I like to sketch people in the streets, bars, public spaces. Drawings that become subject for my works in screenprinting. I like to share my experience by teaching this kind of drawing, hoping it will help people to develop new skills.

My work Facebook: Veronique Hariga artillustration insta: @veronique_hariga  www.behance.net/veroniquehariga