Mondays and Wednesdays, 19:00h
Euros 280 + 50 for the Prototype
Learning by Helping + MOB Academy


Create social impact projects

Social Makers, the course that everyone and the world needs.

For who’s it?

We are looking for people who want to generate a positive impact on the world through creativity. Engineers, scientists, artists, doctors, architects, designers, advertisers, lawyers, teachers, hackers, and any other professional that wants to give a new value to their talent.

Price  Euros 280 + 50 for the prototype

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Language Spanish


Duration: 1 month / 8 classes + 2 special activities

Start and end date: 18/03 to 10/04

Classes: Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

+ Exploration of problems with NGOs (Date to be confirmed)

+ Hackathon of ideas (Saturday 30/3 from 9am to 9pm)


Course content

In Social Maker we will learn the methodologies, tools and necessary concepts

for the creation and development of creative projects with social impact.


How? Creating real creative and social projects.

We will begin by identifying problems of young people at risk of social exclusion, moving on thinking innovative solutions, prototype them and finally implement them.

For that, we will work with the NGO most important of Barcelona in this subject:

Fundació Servei Solidari.


Class 1 I Exploration of social problems

– Tools and keys for social research

– Learning by Helping Methodology


Class 2 I Processing information and Creating Brief

– Processing of information and definition of roadmap

– Design Thinking Methodology


Special activity I Exploration of the problem with NGOs

Accompanied by the team of Fundació Servei Solidari

we will interview different young people who are or were part of

their programs and the different technicians who work

with them to understand at the core the problem to solve.


Class 3 I Introduction to social creative thinking

– Techniques for the generation and selection of ideas

– Sprint Design Methodology


Class 4 I Entrepreneurship and social impact projects

– Keys and opportunities of projects with social impact

– Methodology of the 3 Q to add social impact


Special activity I Hackathon of ideas

It is an intensive creative journey guided by professionals

of creativity in which it is sought to generate the ideas that will give

solution to the different challenges that have been raised.


Class 5 I Presentation and selection of ideas with the NGO

– Ideas are presented to the NGO

– Feedback is received and defined with what ideas to pass

to the next stage


Class 6 I Prototyping and Testing social projects

– Keys and tools for pre-production, production

and post-production

– Lean Startup Social Methodology and prototyping and testing techniques


Class 7 I Production of social projects

– Keys and tools for pre-production, production

and post-production

– Development of the production and post-production plan


Class 8 I Final presentation of projects before a social jury

– The projects and the results of the tests are presented

to a jury

– Feedback is received and it is defined how to continue with the projects


We are looking for makers of the future we want. Are you in?


About the mentors

Fernando Sola

Industrial engineer specialized in methodologies of innovation. He was director of the incubator EMPREAR (65 startups). He founded Eclon, startup dedicated to America’s first 3D printer

Latina and also Wolox IoT, specialized startup to Internet of Things projects. Is teacher at the University of Salamanca in the Master in Social Innovation and Solidarity Economy.

Tomy Megna

Creative consultant for NGOs. Winner of various international creative awards. He directed and developed several innovation projects for entities such as TEDx (Argentina), Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance (Spain), First Aid UCV (Venezuela), Norwegian Refugee Council (Norway) and Telethon Foundation (Mexico).

Learning by Helping

Breeding ground of social impact creative projects, dedicated to teaching, designing, development and support non-profit and social impact projects.

MOB Academy

We empower people and organizations to live in the future they want to belong to. We organize agile and skill oriented classes, bootcamps and hackthones.

In case of lack of participants, the organization reserves the right to cancel the event a week before the start.