Monday 22nd July, 09:00h
600 €
Learning by Helping


Come up with Social Innovative Ideas after exploring and learning about worldwide conflicts – Case study: Refugees

During this workshop, while using different tools of social research, you will have the opportunity to explore and learn about social problems and conflicts affecting refugees, not only in Barcelona, but worldwide. Atendees will have the chance to work with three NGOs (non-governmental organisation) who are specialised on such topics: Refugee Friendly, Abrazo Cultural and Singa.

While implementing the methodologies of design thinking, Design Sprint and the three social Qs you will learn how to process the information found, generate ideas and identify social opportunities.

Special Activity: Ideas hackathon (18 hours)
Intensive creative session guided by creative professionals in which the goal is to generate ideas to solve the problems and challenges presented to you.

Presentation and selection of ideas and solutions with the NGOs.  Prototyping and testing of the social projects working with the Social Lean Startup methodology.

To round things off, there will be a final presentation to the jury and the environmental community. The participants will receive feedback and ideas on how the projects could be continued will be explored.


Language: Spanish