Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
Ignasi Pascual Fernandez de Labastida


Do you think climate change is reversible?

If your answer is yes, you’re right.

Today, the use of clean energy is making a great contribution to the world, combining tools so that science and technology bring us closer to an encouraging outlook for the near future of our planet. 

Come to MOB to enjoy the first ‘Let’s talk’ of the year: The Renewable Revolution: Paradigm shift in the energy sector. Open talk by Ignasi Pascual Fernandez de Labastida. CTO at Tormesh

About the speaker: 

Ignasi defines himself as a 100% geeky soul.

He won a scholarship to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at INSA Lyon, a prestigious French engineering institution, which later led him to work for the French Space Agency (CNES).

Canada, Holland, Sweden, Germany and France are among many other places where he has developed his technical projects in the fields of electronics, satellites, robots, telecommunications, automation and industrial computing. 

Finally, he returned to Barcelona to develop machines and the devices of the future.

Among one of his many passions is developing technology to make cities smarter and help solve the climate emergency through energy solutions.

About ‘Let’s talk’:

‘Let’s talk’ was born out of wanting to provide a space at Makers of Barcelona to generate synergies and connections between people who work at our coworking spaces as well as those in the local community. 

Come and get inspired by this project that is a phase of full expansion in the city of Barcelona and around the world.