Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
MOB & Espacio Redo


Transformative Experiences of Proximity

MOB PAU is located near one of the most multicultural neighborhoods in Barcelona. For this reason, in this third edition of UNBOX NIGHTS, we want to bring together experiences of various collectives and activists who have in common the use of creativity to overcome barriers, move forward, unite different cultures or denounce inequalities.

How has creativity helped you overcome your difficulties? What tools do they have to make themselves heard? How to report inequalities? How to transmit a story in which two realities collide? How to get cultures together? How to get ahead?

Andrea Aisa, educomunicator and digital communication consultant for the Third Sector of Espacio Redo, will guide this conversation about the different transformative experiences of the hand of its protagonists.

We will have the participation of different players of the sector:


An NGDO formed by people that come from different areas of knowledge and nationalities, with a common vision oriented towards gender equality, human development, social cohesion, the preservation of basic social values ​​and intercultural enrichment. Integration activities are carried out through art seen as a catalyst for improving relations and sharing personal knowledge, transmitting values ​​of coexistence lost in modern society. They also develop projects in emerging countries by creating opportunities to improve the lives of their citizens and society in general. To achieve this, they work with groups of adolescents and women, financing their studies, supporting entrepreneurs, promoting artists, among others.

Learning By Helping

An organization of creative projects with a social impact. They design and dictate educational programs focused on the development of social innovation. On this occasion the project ‘Todos somos #sinpapales’ will be presented, dealing with the problem of “illegal” immigrants with the collaboration of artists.

Mamadou – Diandé Africa

Mamadou’s route in Barcelona was born to demonstrate that we can build a diverse and tolerant city by embracing multiculturality. The founder and other people involved explain their migration adventure and the motives that made them come to Europe. They also seek to break stereotypes and demonstrate the strength of associations in the Raval neighborhood. They will show us their bicycle routes made by migrants that show a human city unknown by many.

Join us!