Thursday 1st January, 00:00h
Creativity Workshop
15 euros
Nora Schmel 4 MOB Academy


Inventive ways to express our thoughts visually

For who’s it?
Curious and open minded individuals with an interest in visual art and creative solutions

Developing a metaphoric understanding of the concept, ability to visualize context and meaning

15 euros

Language English

Course content
Introduction to the basics of typography, visual poetry and collage: • Type as a timeless tool to express words and ideas visually. • Briefly looking at examples of contemporary works and Dadaist, Futurist posters, discussing how the latter movements believed that the shapes of letters and words are important parts of the meaning. • Discussing examples of the appearance of visual poetry of our everyday lives (banners, packaging, book covers, headlines, logos etc.) • Examining how text can support pictorial aspects and how can we visually support texts. • Introducing tools and techniques that we can use during the workshop (sketching, tracing and indigo paper, stencils, colours, cut-outs) • The outcome is a hand-made visual poetry piece accompanied by encouraged creative approach and laughter!
Please bring
Your sketchbook if you’d like to take notes

About the mentor

Nora Schmel:

I am a Barcelona & London based visual and book artist. The focus of my interest is based on construction and disarrangement within words, characters and places. I like playful and humorous approach to obscure topics. My main materials are paper, ink and pictures in various forms. You most often find me sitting with my typewriter, making collages manually or by using a photocopier, printing with letterpress, photolithography or the risograph machine, or carrying a pile of books out from libraries.

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