Alexis Lafayette

Recognised DJ in Paris, Alexis arrived in Barcelona a few months ago with an idea in mind. Learn more.
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What did you want to be as a child?

Certainly not being in the music / event industry. 10 years ago I could have bet 1 million Euros that I would never composed and released any tracks one day… Even now I think I am still surprised about this ¡ When I was a kid my dream was definitely to be a professional football player – I was more into sports than arts. Unfortunately coaches at that time decided for me and advised me another career

What kind of “salsa” defines you?

Tabasco because I put it on all my plates.

Why did you choose MOB?

I used to commute for 1h15 when I was living in Paris so I was already very excited about the idea to join MOB when I saw it’s 5min walk from my place. Once there with the terrasse and the general atmosphere I felt, I quickly understood that I wanted to settle here!

Where are you from and how long have you been in Barcelona?

I am born and raised in Paris where I lived the last 30 years ¡ I arrived in the city last January.

Do you have a project? you want to tell us something about it?

My project : gather house and techno lovers looking for intimidate and underground events and venues in Barcelona. No VIP zones, no bottle, no tables, no gogos, no stages… No separations or barriers. I strongly believe in this values and in the freedom of electronic music

Can you define yourself with 3 hashtags?

#passionate #music #easylife