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What did you want to be as a child?
I always wanted to become a veterinarian. (Which I almost became until I found out, that I am allergic to almost any animal).

What kind of “salsa” defines you?
Lot’s of herbs, kinda spicy

Why did you choose MOB?
A friend of mine, who’s a digital nomad for years recommended it to me. And it’s also close to my home, which is super convenient!

Where are you from and how long have you been in Barcelona?
I am from the land of beer, Dirndl and Weißwurst: Germany! Have been here for 2 weeks now.

Do you have a project? you want to tell us something about it?
I started “not so solo.travels” a few months ago. It’s a project where I want to encourage people to start traveling alone. I know many friends, who would love to go on a trip all by themselves, but fear holds them back.
For me it was one of the best experiences in the past years – and since I’ve been living on Bali, I thought I should combine this perfect place with my idea. It’s an ideal place to start traveling alone, I’ll be by their side to coach them and to give them the best positive experience, what it’s like to be a solo traveler.

Can you define yourself with 3 hashtags?
#energetic #positive #alwayslookingforaction