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What did you want to be as a child?

I don’t remember really my dreams of childhood, when I was a little fatty child. Maybe I would like to be a football player like Ronaldo (the Brazilian one, of course). However, I would fly, and now I am quite scared when I take the airplane (Life is strange, I know).

What kind of “salsa” defines you?

I am Italian, so this is really a serious question for me. Actually, my mother always prepares me this beautiful tomato salsa, with really fresh cherry tomatoes (I am from the South of Italy, and tomatoes are bright red) and basil. Just that, simple, summery and delicate.

Why did you choose MOB?

I used to come here working in the café. So I decide to discover the co-working too. Working remotely and freelancing is nice, but there are some threats like preservance, lack of people or local connections, personally and professionally speaking.

Where are you from and how long have you been in Barcelona?

I am Italian, and I speak fluently Spanish & English. I would like to learn another language between French and Portuguese (para volver en Brasil !!) Who can help me? I live in Barcelona since September. However I lived already here 3 years ago, working for an Art Gallery called Valid Photo Galeria.

Do you have a project? Would you like to tell us something about it?

I would like to share three project I am working on in this moment.

The first one is about creating a podcast in Italy able to support a common narrative of the local social and cultural innovation that is going to disrupt the current economic and social national context.

The second one is developing a team able to support here in Barcelona and Italy, the design, implementation and evaluation of social innovation projects.

The third one is a communication project. How to describe new competencies, the value of what we do, and new professional figures, escaping from models and protocols? I have an idea in mind, let’s talk it together!!

Can you define yourself with 3 hashtags?

#looking #for #disruption