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A big unicorn head, pink flashing eyes, a cog and a led screen: this is what The Fortune Wall installed at MOB PAU is made of.

Marta Verde and Monica Rikic, two digital artists and long time collaborators of MOB, came to knock at the door of MOB PAU, with the hands full of Arduinos, LED screens, tools, tools and tools, plastic boards, etc… Two days and nights later, all these techie stuff had been transformed into a beautiful art installation predicting your future of entrepreneur! ?

The way it works is pretty simple. By turning a gear wheel, you will activate a cog that will print off a fortune message coming out from the mouth of a 3D printed unicorn.

This work has been thought as a project to be continued by the community.

That’s why Monica, now Mobber, will be happy to discuss with you any crazy idea you might have to complete the work! Some more and customised wheels are already under fabrication while other mobbers are planning to put the whole system online so that everyone could suggest funny predictions.

Pass by MOB PAU and get your future prediction! ?