#MakersMemoirs Meet Julia Buigues!

#MakersMemoirs is a series that highlights the unique stories of our members, as we believe we can all benefit from one another’s lessons, insights, and experiences.
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Today, we’d love for you to meet Julia Buigues, MOB’s Community Gardener Assistant, she’s originally from Buenos Aires but has been in Barcelona for two years now:

“I came to Barcelona two years ago, before this I lived in Mexico. That’s where I got exposed to sustainable fashion, slow fashion… I felt super passionate about this right away. That’s why, besides working for MOB, I’ve got multiple side-projects running. I want to make a difference in the shift of fashion consumption, that’s where Sustainable Records was born: a project in which I co-create events in Barcelona like clothing swaps. A more global project I’m working on is Guiev: a sustainable fashion platform for Latin America. 

I love change. I have a routine but I need to adjust little things every day. I’ll just switch up the fruit in my breakfast – or the type of yoga I practice. One thing that will never change is the first thing I do in the morning: prepare my Mate.

I think I have stayed pretty sane during quarantine, thanks to my sunny balcony, good wine, and my roomie. I am very lucky I get along well with her: we do a lot of things together – like cooking. Every Saturday we go to the Mercado to buy fresh fruits, veggies, cheese, and fish. We have cooked a loooot of yummy things. Being in confinement has helped me realise some of the simple things that made me happy, that I had stopped doing or had forgotten about. For example, I wasn’t dancing at all and now I’m doing some dance classes and I started dancing in my living room – I love it. 

“I have realised that I love a slow life”


I think I have really had the time to kind of stop and look. I am the kind of person that,  if everyone is running, it’s hard for me to go slower. But I have realised that I love a slow life.  I’m going to try to respect my own rhythm more in the future.

I guess I have missed nature the most: going to the beach or going for a walk in the mountains. I need animals or trees to hug, haha! Maybe sitting on a terracita, drinking a beer, or my Vermú Sundays, those small things Barcelona has to offer – my walks in Gracia, the nice restaurants I like. But I really can’t complain in the end… I had really good wine.”