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  • What if we were building together Barcelona’s largest community of entrepreneurs and freelancers? What if you could connect with more professionals? Learn from new experts or just meet new friends? What if you had more space to develop your projects? New meeting rooms to receive your clients? Or what if you had more privacy within the community?

Stop dreaming it. Say “Hello” to MOB Caterina, your third coworking space at Avenida Francesc Cambo 17.

Say “Hello” Mob Caterina!

Annnnd yes! This is really happening!!! 🙂

In 2019, not only MOB Agency and MOB Academy have seen the light but also your third coworking space!

Because we want to keep on building & strengthening Barcelona’s community of entrepreneurs and creatives by offering you the infrastructures, connections, tools, training, advice and business opportunities to kickstart and grow your business.

So, are you as excited as us and do you want to know more?

Where is it located?
MOB Caterina is located in Avenida Francesc Cambo 17, right in front of the Santa Caterina Market! Nice, right?!

How big is it?
It is a building of 23 floors with swimming pool, a slide to go down the stairs, shopping centre, McDonald’s, an auditorium of 2.000 seats and…,??? no. We didn’t go mad!

At MOB, we don’t believe that very large spaces actually enable you to connect with more people. All the opposite. We think that in giant coworking spaces you become as anonymous as in a Starbucks Café and that what we understand by “community” turns into a simple professional network.

That’s why we decided not to follow the crazy trend which invaded Barcelona recently and not open one more massive space, with corporate atmosphere, high prices and collar shirts. Instead, we will inaugurate a new space dedicated to freelancers & small companies, which means a new MOB around 700m2, with two floors of hot & fixed desks, private offices and community.

We opened a new space dedicated to freelancers & small companies

Is it already open?
Yes, it is. Come to visit us from Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm.

If I am signed up in an other  MOB space, can I access MOB Caterina?
Of course, and that’s what is so good about it! With your one MOB membership, you get access to three spaces in the centre of Barcelona.

Get access to three spaces in the centre of Barcelona

Is there any private offices?
Yes, you are allowed to more privacy while enjoying the advantages of the community. There are, private offices with glass walls for 4pax or more, from only 240€/pers! Premium offices have view on the iconic market! Not bad, eh?!

How to find us?
We are located on Avenida Francesc Cambo 17, first floor! 


Get in touch now writing to helloctr@mob-barcelona.com