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Your job allows you to work from wherever you want? So let’s start really enjoying it!

Thanks to your MOB membership, you can now spend up to five days a month, for free, in one of our partner coworking spaces. All of the spaces are finely selected by our team, to make sure that you will feel at home even away from home.

The Network’s Partners: 

*spaces equipped of a Maker space 

ATÖLYE Istanbul*

ATÖLYE is without a doubt one of Europe’s leader space for innovation. Go there and meet their super-duper friendly staff while finding out about their latest projects. Set up in the renovated Bomonti Beer Factory, the space itself will also blow your mind.

CoEspai, Girona 

You sometimes don’t need to go very far to feel on holidays. Work from CoEspai in Girona and enjoy the pleasures of the Costa Brava.

Coworking Plus, Odense

Head over to Denmark and see the plus side of working at Coworking Plus!

Fueled, New York

Often going to the states? Or you would simply like to live a New Yorker’s life for a few days? Get inspired by the Fueled Collective taking roots in Manhattan.

GLab 21, Gothenburg, Sweden 

Located in the city centre of the small town of Gothenburg, GLab21 builds startups with global ambitions in a top notch working environment.

Rabble Studio, Cardiff 

Be based in Rabble Studio while visiting the charming Wales. With their amazing maker space & friendly staff, Rabble studio will make yourself feel as a local.

The place, Berlin 

The Place is just so…. Berliner! And that’s why we love it so much. Go there and be part of their large & vibrant community for a few days.

The Nest, Valencia 

In Valencia, the Nest focuses on supporting social innovation. So rather you also have a project related to social innovation or just want to enjoy a few days on the Costa, go to say hi for us to our friends from Valencia.

The Thinking Hut, Amsterdam 

We love the Thinking Hut so much! Their two spaces are amazing, their staff is friendly and makes you feel at home. What else do you want?!

ULab, Alicante 

Willing to spend a few days in Alicante? Work from Ulab located in the modern centre of the city.

Volumes, Paris* 

There is still the May 68 alternative spirit floating in the air of Volumes Paris. Participate in one of their event or just seat down in the patio to meet one of their community member who will make you discover their makerspace or foodlab.

The Living Room, Málaga 

Sharing, thriving and laughing together in Málaga.

Republikken, Copenhagen*

If you are about to spend a few days in the cold Copenhagen, we definitely recommend you to pass by Republikken to warm yourself up! In a wooden decoration, they have self-service café and delicious smørrebrød that will give you an authentic Danish experience!

The Hub, Mallorca

Have you ever dreamed of working at the beach? With the sea as your view? When summer arrives, Mallorca it’s the perfect destination. #WorkAndTravel

Romantso, Athens

A place full of history and culture.. discover a breathing platform situated in Athens’ historical center!

If you want to visit one of these networks or have spotted a space that you think would make a great addition to the network, please get in touch with us!

Cru Cowork, Porto

Want to be working from the heart of Porto’s Art District? Then visit Cru! a creative ecosystem with the best vibes in town!

As this space is quite small you will be notified after 48 hours after solicitation if there is no place available.

The FuseBox, Brighton

You are in Brighton and want to work at space where innovaters support each other? Go to The FuseBox, a hub for digital innovators, tech visionarys and creative technologists.