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We are super duper happy to return to MOB!!!!!!

… but we are also aware that things have changed and that we must be more careful with our space, hygiene and with the community. We want you to be comfortable on MOB and to take care of each other. That is why we have established a protocol to guide you in this new phase as a community. We will continue to adapt this document in line with any needs that the spaces may have.

Here is the info 😉

We ask that you maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres as a general rule both in the communal areas, meeting rooms, tables and also in the bathrooms.

We have put posters and regulations in each area in all of the spaces.

We have increased the cleanliness of the spaces. However, of course, we still need your collaboration: don’t forget to wash your hands often, and use the hand sanitisers that you will find at the disinfection points that we have enabled in all of the entrances and in the common areas.

We are ensuring that the air remains as fresh as possible by ventilating during the day. This way we favor the entry of clean, treated and filtered air.

To avoid contact with any shared items, we have removed papers, magazines, promotional brochures, office supplies, etc.

Leave your table as clean and tidy as possible. This will help us to optimise disinfection with the increased cleaning services. Mari Kondo may be your new best friend;)

Whenever possible, we recommend the use of masks in our spaces. From MOB we can provide you, free of charge, masks and gloves if you need them.

The capacity is reduced to 50% while maintaining the established safety distances. As far as possible, face-to-face meetings with people outside MOB should be avoided.

The maximum capacity is 4 people.
We have removed most of the shared utensils and made single-use utensils available. Ideally, we recommend that you bring your own cutlery and tuppers from home.
Utensils that are not for single use should always be washed in the dishwasher, at 60º. Products for cleaning at the sink have been removed for this reason. You will not be able to leave food or anything else in the fridge, as it will be emptied and cleaned every day.

The maximum capacity of the common areas is limited to 4 people.

The doors will be open when members of the MOB Team are in the spaces, to avoid sharing the fingerprint sensor. Outside these hours the blinds and doors will be kept closed. You can continue accessing, using  your codes and remember to close again once you are inside.
Members who want to come to the spaces must sign a document, which will be provided by MOB, in which it is indicated that they know the Safety and Hygiene regulations of the space and that they agree to respect them.

We recommend that you do not send all your personal treats to MOB, in order to ensure minimum contact with external sources. In the event that you send something to MOB, we will disinfect it on arrival.

Please minimise visits from outsiders to MOB. The most important thing for us right now is our safety and wellbeing. If you have a planned visit, please inform a member of the MOB Team and carefully explain the new security rules to them.

Most importantly: if you have any symptoms please stay at home and inform in order to be able to inform other community members. Right now the main thing is that you take care of yourself and others.

For anyone who doesn’t regularly access the spaces (e.g. MOB 10), please let us know when you plan to use the space so we can guarantee a space for you!

MOB BLN – Fanny & Julia – hellobln@mob-barcelona.com / (+34) 671 270 909
MOB CTR – Albert & Julieta – helloctr@mob-barcelona.com / (+34) 683 268 637
MOB PAU – Sean – hellopau@mob-barcelona.com / (+34) 631 286 610

From Monday 18th May we will be present in the spaces from 9.30–2pm, to make sure that everything runs smoothly, to be by your side and continue building this wonderful project with all of you. We still don’t know if there is life on other planets, but we will try to answer any other questions you have.

The MOB Team