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MOB PAU is a MOB coworking space set up in the vibrant district of Sant Antoni. There, more than one hundred entrepreneurs & creatives work together everyday, forming not only a co-workers but more a kind of giant family.   

This giant family is now looking for a new best friend ready to launch & manage a self-service cafe in the kitchen of MOB PAU. What we are dreaming of? Delicious homemade dishes, unforgettable pastries, beverages of all kind and a cafe manager who won’t only fill up our bellies but transform our kitchen into the new heart of our community.

Cafe Bosc is already rocking it in MOB BLN so our new partners would mainly focus on managing MOB PAU’s cafe (and maybe soon MOB CTR?!).

If you have innovative ideas, want to be part of our community and make happy our coworkers through food, get in touch with us at: hellopau@mob-barcelona.com.