Shared: Tom Canetti's voting app for democracy!

Tom Canetti presented his current project in the second edition of our collaborative talk series: Let's Share.
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We believe in collaboration, in so many different ways. Putting a couple of brains together to solve a problem, generate various unique ideas and trigger each other to think further, more, or differently is just one of them.

Through our newest event series Let’s Share we invite people of our community, to share what they are working on – so we can get all these different experts and talents in one room, and give them a new perspective, ask them questions, and perhaps offer a helping hand wherever we can.

On Wednesday 4th of November, writer and entrepreneur Tom Canetti presented his current project to us: Poli. Poli is a start-up mobile application motivated to increase democratic accessibly in Spain and the UK.

The app, currently in the design phase, will allow users to ‘vote’ on current and proposed contentious legislation. Users have the opportunity to input their data such as salary, age, occupation and place of residence, in order to unveil demographics of who wants what when it comes to politics. The functions include, but aren’t limited to, combatting partisan-based political grouping, simplifying politics and holding politicians more accountable for poor legislative decisions. Watch Tom’s full presentation here

Did you find it useful to share your project, and why?

I definitely found the event useful. Not only did it help make a couple of contacts to help find a coder for the project, but it was also good to work out the idea and get myself more focused on it. I thought it was well organized and a good opportunity to share Poli with a greater audience.”

What would you say to people considering presenting a project?

Do it! If its something that you’re scared of, even better, you’ll feel better after it’s done. If you’re serious about getting things done, you need to put yourself out there, otherwise, an idea is just an idea!

How can people interested in your project further support you?
Firstly, if anyone knows a graduate, student or coder who’s willing to work for a low rate, who’s passionate about politics and democracy, get them to contact me. Secondly, people can follow @therockyroadpost on Instagram and YouTube to keep up to date.”

If you’re interested in presenting what you’re working on, please send an email to