Our mission is to support entrepreneurs by offering them the infrastructures, connections, trainings, advices and business opportunities to successfully kickstart & manage their business.

We should never stop learning

We believe that education shapes societies and the future. That's why it is so important to us to teach tomorrow's entrepreneurs how to make positive impact.

Collaboration is the new black

The era of competition is over. Collaboration, open-innovation and community are gold. It is joining forces & brainpower that we will make humans great again.

In technologies we trust

You don't want technologies to shape your life? So shape the technologies. They will be our best ally and will make everything possible.


To make impact and support entrepreneurs, we have launched the MOB ventures. Take a look.


1/2 a digital fabrication space, 1/2 café: FabCafe is MOB maker space, promoting the DIY culture.


Classes & bootcamps for future entrepreneurs, by experienced for entrepreneurs.


Artificial Intelligence Immersive and Tech Specialisation Courses for women, by women.


MOB Agency curates talents of its community to give them new opportunities and to bring all your creative & tech products to life.


ReacS and its team of Real State consultants, architects & community manager help you to build your own collaborative office.