Meet our newest MOBility connection: Kinship Studio, based in the vibrant seaside village of Canggu, in south Bali.

Kinship is set in the remnants of an ex-garment factory, preserving the four walls from the original building structure – clean and crisp is the aesthetic. It is a multifaceted creative space hosting: private studios, a communal workspace, a photography studio and cafe.

By definition of the word, Kinship is a feeling of being close or similar to people or things. This stunning studio brings people together to connect in a way that has not been seen yet in Bali.

This hub was born out of feeling there was lacking a space that fostered ‘real life connections’, outside of the social scene in Bali. As founder and boss-babe Louise Millroy explained in her recent interview with Voyage LA: ”I wanted to create a space, almost like a blank canvas, so people could come and work on their projects but also be inspired to share with the community”.

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Kinship Studio Details:

  • Gg. Jalak VI B
    Canggu Permai
    Desa Tibubeneng
    Kuta Utara. Bali
  • Website
    +6 2  8 7 7 – 8 5 3 7 – 8 1 7 6