Our community is very important to us – that’s why we’re always on the look-out for ways to make their lives a little bit easier. That’s why we’ve gone out looking for the best and most exciting partnerships in and around town:


EIX FOR PIENC – discounts

We are part of the Eix Fort Pienc network of stores: this gives you exclusive discounts in the stores of the neighborhood.


PURINA – alliance

We have joined the Purina’s Alliance “Pets at Work”, a program that will help us improve our coworking spaces so that we learn to coexist with pets in the best way.


AllWomen – 10% Discount

An all-female tech academy, founded by our bad-ass MOB founder: Cecilia Tham. Currently, women lack safe and positive environments where each person can feel free to learn from (and with) one another. That’s why AllWomen was created, providing this space specifically for women. 

Their programs are designed and taught by professional female tech experts, who will prepare you to master the skills you need to succeed in your tech career. The future of tech needs more women – and AllWomen is here to make that happen.

⚙️ TECH :

FabCafe – 10% or more.

FabCafe is an international concept of Digital Fabrication, together with their global FabCafe network and creators from around the world, they solve problems and open innovation and acceleration for specific technologies. The AWRD platform they operate has a proven track record in many global challenges.

Rinkel – 50% discount.

Rinkel is a virtual phone system for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups. Flexible, trustworthy and easy to use.


GALLO COFFEE – 10% discount

Gallo Coffee is a speciality coffee brand based in Barcelona. They export the coffee directly from Honduras, and make sure that it has been produce in good conditions, and bring us the best coffee. You can test it at MOB Caterina.

AMBERITA’S KITCHEN – 15% discount

Amerita’s Kitchen is a catering and takeaway project by Amber, she puts a lot of love and passion into creating the menus page, and the recipes, and sharing them with you. You can find her every Tuesday and Thursday at MOB Caterina, and you can get 15% discount to make your online order.


SEA YOU – 5€ discount

Sea You is a paddle surf rental shop in Barceloneta.  A special discount for you to enjoy the coast of Barcelona in a different way.