The future of coworking isn’t about renting desks or meeting rooms. It’s about communities, people coming together to create and share. The last few months have been a huge learning experience, mostly an exciting one, as we all realised the importance of connection in a pandemic. 

We truly believe that coworking is not just about walls and beers on a Friday. Ten years ago we set out to create an inclusive space for rebels and creative geniuses to innovate, make connections and have fun in the process. We started in Bailen in 2011, then expanded to Pau in 2015 and Caterina in 2019. Each with its own personality, these spaces have been home to wonderful communities and incredibly successful projects for many. Over time, management has gradually become divided in how to lead and support these diverse communities, with Pau’s partners progressively distancing themselves from MOB’s core values. 

After careful consideration, and attempts to realign with partners at Pau, finally the decision was made by both parties that it would be more appropriate to operate separately. This means that the space at Pau will no longer form part of the ecosystem at MOB – Makers of Barcelona. We will continue to operate at MOB Bailén and MOB Caterina and continue to support our growing community of fearless makers. 

We see this separation as a positive opportunity. We can now continue to create safe and inclusive spaces in a way that is true to our calling: nurturing a sense of community with wellbeing and respect at the centre of everything that we do.

We look forward to welcoming more change-makers who believe in shaping the future of work at Bailén and Caterina. Drop us a line at if you want to join forces with us.

Great minds make alike.