During the past two years different members of our team have attended events all around Europe organised by the European Commission and the British Council and aiming to create a strong network of Creative Hubs.

Thanks to the Peer-to-Peer programme Lorene for instance did a trip to Denmark to discover some of the most innovative collaborative communities in Europe, while Cristina got inspired by artistic hubs in Lisboa.

The workshops happening in Belgrade, Berlin, Edinburg and where Barbara represented us, aimed to underline the issues faced by the Creative hubs. There, small working teams were brainstorming, prototyping and testing new solutions.

The conferences taking place in Athens, Madrid and Brussels were often the time to share experiences, discover other spaces, networks and to present the solutions found during the workshops. It is within that context that Alejandro Papadopoulos and Cecilia Tham, cofounders of MOB, spoke at the conferences of Athens and Madrid to explain to our paires the particularities of MOB’s business model.

On January 25th and 26th, Alejandro represented again our community at the last Forum taking place in the rainy Brussels.

We were all quite thankful and proud of what had been achieved.

During this last conference, the representatives of all the spaces shared feedback and outputs of the two years programme. The truth is that we were all quite thankful and proud of what had been achieved. Thanks to the programme, we have found solutions to our common and shared challenges, we have created a strong and solidar network of European Creative hubs, we got inspired by others, we started tones of new collaborations, met fascinating people and most importantly, made a whole bunch of friends. An association of Creative Hubs have even been started to keep on spreading the collaborative spirit.

So again, our whole team would like to thank the European Commission and the British Council, especially Roxana Apostol, for making this two year experience possible and for enabling us to meet so many great people.

Collaboration is definitely the new black.

And if we had to remember only one thing of this programme, is that collaboration is definitely the new black!! <3