According to the latest studies, research and world reports, advanced technology and globalization, contrary to what was predicted decades ago with the arrival of the Internet, has enabled the emerging of new forms of work. There are increasingly more and more professional activities that can be developed online. And, as a result, new workspaces were born at the end of the 20th century: the so-called “coworking”.


These facilities are today, a real estate boom since they have become the “second home” (if not the first) of young entrepreneurs.

The coworking spaces have many advantages

The coworking spaces have many advantages: amenities, high-speed internet, air conditioning, great business contacts, but most importantly, you become part of a community.

Finally, every year the number of apps and technological services are increasing, helping to foster the construction of this integrated and connected world. So, posing this scenario, could we say that we are facing the “industrial revolution of postmodernity”?

When language is no longer a barrier

This “new universe of work” can be exemplified with many entrepreneurial ventures that were developed in recent years. However, we can mention the case of the Murillo boys ( who, for a year and a half, worked in the MOB BLN coworking laboratories, and thus gave life to Video Translate.

It is a service that can translate features such as embedded text, subtitles, voice-overs and even character appearances. It aims to eliminate language barriers and facilitate communication between companies and international audiences through this translation service.

An example would be making high-quality educational videos accessible to students who wouldn’t have been able to learn from this due to the language barrier. Or a startup is able to scale and grow by targeting a new market in a different country “, explains Adam Wilson, Founder of Murillo Media.

Finally, Video Translate helps companies to have the possibility of translating a motion graphic video into three languages instantly.

Adam admits he is very proud and satisfied with the results of this innovation, and as an expert in translations, his development is a solution to a problem that affects us all. In this interconnected world, language ceases to be an inconvenience when acquiring knowledge.

For me, I’m always looking to innovate, get better, identify new opportunities and help clients and organizations achieve their goals especially if that means social impact. Video Translate encompasses all of these points and it has massive potential to scale. Therefore, I’m very excited and passionate about the project.”

As in the case of Adam, this is how hundreds of millennials in the world live their work experiences. And you? Which is your personal project that enables you to become a freelancer?