As a freelance designer Matteo has been living in Barcelona since 2013 and when he was asked for the reason that made him stay in this cosmopolitan city, in a mysterious way, he explained: “it was for love”.

He chose MOB as his coworking space because of  “all the amazing people” he finds in its community and he surprisingly affirms that he recognizes “technology” as an inspiration and added value for his work.

“It is a fact that technology affected traditional ways of art and we can´t stop it. However, the point is how does the material part of the art, where most of the instincts usually come, will be affected or combine with technology.” He thinks there is no contradiction between art and technology, as “in nature, we are part of it and in it, there is only evolution and change”.

Matteo uses marble throughout his work and with it he can highlight the material’s purity of form, features, and character. The distinctive nature of marble, which demands superior skill and doesn’t allow room for error, allowed the designer to perfect his knowledge of the material.

“I usually find myself far from the concept of a statue-like kind of object, but instead I love those products which are animated through the gestural expressiveness of the people who bring them to life: the wind-up watch is undoubtedly the object which best reflects this philosophy,” says Matteo Leorato.

So, what´s next in his career? “Design a washbasin tap”, he states self-confidence.