Safety and hygiene in the spaces

Our priority is to ensure your health and wellbeing, as well as that of our community and giant family. Here is our COVID protocol.
If you are experiencing any symptoms, please call or whatsapp us on +34 683 268 637.
Last updated: 14/09/2020

what we’re doing:


– We are ensuring the cleanliness of the spaces.

– We have put posters and regulations in each area in all of the spaces.

– We have clear signs in all of the areas where you can access hand sanitiser.

– We are ensuring that the air remains as fresh as possible by ventilating during the day. This way we favour the entry of clean, treated and filtered air.

Reduced contact

– The doors inside MOB will be open when members of the MOB Team are in the spaces, to minimise contact.

– To avoid contact with any shared items, we have removed papers, magazines, promotional brochures, office supplies, etc.


– All staff and members of the community wear masks unless seated at our desks.

– We take the temperature of anyone who enters the space, with thermometers, in order to minimise risk.

Reduced Capacity

– The overall capacity of the coworking spaces has been reduced to 50%

– The capacity of meeting rooms is reduced to 50% while maintaining the established safety distances.

– Kitchen capacity is reduced to 4 people.

When you are a visitor at MOB, we ask you to:

– Wear a mask in our spaces, at all times, unless when seated at a desk.

– Make use of our standing hand gel dispensers at the entrance.

– Wash your hands often!

– Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres as a general rule both in the communal areas, meeting rooms, tables and also in the bathrooms.

– Log your attendance to the space, with your contact details and we’ll take your temperature as a precaution.

We ask mobbers to:

– Leave their desks as clean and tidy as possible. This will help us to optimise disinfection with the increased cleaning services.

– Avoid meetings with external providers, where possible

– Avoid sending their personal deliveries to MOB, in order to ensure minimum contact with external sources.

– Wash utensils in the dishwasher at 60º.

– Bring their own cutlery and tuppers from home where possible.

If you are experiencing any symptoms, please call or whatsapp us on +34 683 268 637.

We would like to thank you all in advance for your cooperation with these measures. With your support, it’s possible for us to maintain safe, secure and hygienic coworking spaces that enable us to move forward as a strong, healthy and caring community.

The MOB Team