With its constantly changing, dynamic and young vibe, the city has so much to offer, from craft to sports, and a dynamic art and design scene. Every day spent in Istanbul will be really different from each other. For all your senses to be invoked in one trip, Istanbul is the city to visit.

Visiting the ‘historical peninsula’ of Istanbul for a day or two, and getting lost is the perfect start to get to know this city´s unique history. You will have the chance to visit a lot of monuments due to their immense proximity. Hagia Sophia, one of the most important buildings in the centre, built in the Byzantine period as a church and then as a cathedral and a mosque, and finally turned into a museum, will be just next to the Blue Mosque. It is well known for its colorful tiles and magnificent dome and structure. Just downhill you can visit the Grand Bazaar, one of the most touristic places in Istanbul, since it’s one of the first shopping centres in the world.

Just across the Galata bridge, climbing up will take you to Galata Tower, one of the oldest towers in the world. İstiklal Caddesi, the famous street with joyful travellers, has a very high share of the commercial and social history of Istanbul. Home to SALT Beyoğlu, a three-floored exhibition space that hosts contemporary work from all over the world.

If you have enough time to stay, don’t forget to see the Asian side as well. You can take a walk in Kadıköy and Moda to immerse yourself in the Turkish culture, and stop in great cafés to admire its remarkable murals. With its vibrant nightlife, Moda neighbourhood is the Anatolian side’s coolest area with plenty to offer.

Bomontiada, where ATÖLYE is located, is a shared overground area envisioned as a playground for collaboration where residents, partners and tenants collaborate on a program of cultural activities, co-generating screenings, concerts, visual art performances, food festivals, creative business conventions and more.

However, what about ATÖLYE? Actually ATÖLYE is not a coworking space. It is a ‘Transdisciplinary Innovation Platform’; an expression that best captures its DNA. It is not just a creative hub with a real estate business at its core, or a consultancy, focusing on client work. The hub and the studio form an indispensable, symbiotic union. Under a single roof, they curate a community, events, and ideas to develop innovative projects in a nimble and agile manner. ATÖLYE’s practices reflect the transdisciplinary DNA of their organisation. In any given project they take on, collaboration among a number of their practices ensures the creation of multi-dimensional and innovative ideas, as well as, tangible outputs across various design scales.

Thanks to ATÖLYE Communication Department for sharing this information with us and we hope to see our #Mobbers in your coworking really soon! 🙂