Long time Mobber, Daniel Diosdado, got featured in The New Yorker with one of his outstanding & vibrant graphics – illustrating the American singer Jojo.

“I grew up in the small town of Jerez de la Frontera, where I didn’t even know that it was possible to study Fine Art. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to be able to live from my passion: drawing.

I’ve been at MOB for around 3 years now, dividing my time between working from home and at MOB Pau. Being in quarantine for me isn’t so different from my usual day to day life, since us creatives are used to spending quite a lot of time alone, working on projects.

I’m not your typical tormented artist, so I can’t force creativity when I don’t feel good.


There are a  few things that I’ve discovered in this situation.  I’m not your typical tormented artist, so I can’t force creativity when I don’t feel good. Firstly, I’ve saved lots of money on not doing my usual summer clothes shopping – just having few black t-shirts is enough! I’m also appreciating shopping locally, one of my regular favourites is http://ceresnatural.cat/, right next door to MOB Pau. Apart from that, I’m still exercising and cooking nice food, and managing to read a little more than usual! The things I miss the most really are the obvious things, like warm hugs and kisses with everyone, and the classic terrace beers – being from Andalucia, this is a really important part of my culture, I can’t wait to get back to my Andalucian hugs.

A few years ago I decided to go international in my search for clients, and started scouting for different representatives I could work with. I realised that I was constantly working hard, but not managing to make as much money as I thought I could. Rappart (USA) actually contacted me directly, and offered to represent me, boosting my earning power and connecting me with international clients. They send me one client a month, which is perfect. With my latest publication in New Yorker Magazine, this basically came about because I sent them my portfolio at the beginning of the quarantine – something I’d never actually done before, reach out directly for work. I couldn’t believe it when they wrote back to me just 3 days later wanting to publish my work! Being in the New Yorker magazine is a dream of any illustrator. Once you’ve been there, you feel like you’ve made it!”

Check out the full article here!

To view more of Daniel’s work you can go to his website or his Instagram