Find out about the exciting transition as Julieta Puigdomènech takes over as MOB’s Chief Executive Officer.

In 2011, a visionary project named MOB – Makers of Barcelona was born with the aim of creating a place where people could interact, work, live, and consume in unique and innovative ways. It all began with the restoration of an old textile factory on Carrer Bailèn 11, which later became MOB Bailèn, Barcelona’s first coworking space.

Over time, MOB has flourished into a vibrant hub of projects and initiatives, including FabCafe, MEAT, and AllWomen, all dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs. Currently, MOB operates from two spaces: MOB Bailèn and MOB Caterina, offering modern facilities and private office spaces for startups while fostering valuable networking opportunities for the community.

Turning obstacles into opportunities

Little did Albert Tisaire know what awaited him when he joined MOB in 2018 as a partner, tasked with opening MOB Caterina. In just a year’s time, the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered the landscape. Amidst losses, challenges, and an uncertain future, Albert stepped up to become the CEO, navigating MOB through these turbulent times.

With a meticulous approach, Albert carefully examined every aspect of MOB’s operations, automating tasks, streamlining workflows, overseeing a rebranding effort, and carrying out major renovations.

Paving the way for MOB’s future

Albert’s unwavering determination and strategic adjustments left an indelible mark on MOB. His exceptional leadership steered the company through the storm, resulting in positive growth and a rejuvenated workspace. Now, with MOB in a position of strength, Albert felt it was time to pass the baton to a new leader who could further drive MOB’s growth.

“After this past years, it was time for me to make way for new leadership, with renewed energy, new projects and ideas, and very naturally the first choice that came to mind was Julieta. We supported each other very much from the beginning, she knows the business perfectly, and I am sure she will take MOB to a higher level. I’m still just another “mobber”, very excited to see how everything will grow from now on. Personally, I truly want to thank the MOB Team and the partners for supporting me during all this time. It sounds clichéd, but I couldn’t have done it without the trust I’ve felt” – Albert Tisaire

Welcoming Julieta Puigdomènech as the New CEO

Stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer is Julieta Puigdomènech, a talented and experienced former member of the MOB team. As the saying goes, “once a Mobber, always a Mobber!”

With a background in History of Art and Creative Copywriting Julieta’s journey with MOB started as an Event & Community manager. Alongside with Albert, she started MOB Caterina and promoted big events such as We Draw and We Code. After other work experience in Bold, Paltanomelón, Juno House and The Creative she returns to MOB to continue the magnificent work of Albert Tisaire and reposition the company in the panorama of activities in Barcelona, bringing her curiosity for culture, her contacts, and constant concern for creating new business approaches.

Julieta’s Vision for MOB

“This transition is a natural evolution for MOB, building upon the strong foundation established by Albert” says Julieta. Her primary goal is to position MOB prominently within Barcelona’s vibrant landscape of activities, offering a safe and motivating space for SMEs and freelancers.

Julieta envisions MOB as the premier destination for Barcelona’s freelancers, fostering a more creative approach to business. Through it all, Julieta aims to showcase the abundant talent housed within MOB’s walls.

“I look forward to open up new collaborations and business avenues… a podcast room at MOB? pop-ups at the entrance? collaborations with emerging brands? It is yet to be defined, but it is clear that the creative and technological essence of Barcelona will once again be the protagonist of MOB’s agenda.” – Julieta

Empowering rebels and creative geniuses

Aligned with MOB’s mission and values, Julieta is a firm believer in empowering rebels and creative geniuses to innovate, establish connections, and enjoy the process. MOB will continue to nurture a collaborative environment that encourages unconventional thinking, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit within its community.

Cecilia MoSze Tham, the visionary founder of MOB, reflects on the journey that began a long time ago:

“Twelve years ago, I started this crazy adventure called Makers of Barcelona (MOB), with a simple goal: to create a place where people create together, ideas get connected, and relationships get built. Now, we’re welcoming Julieta as the new Chief Executive Officer of MOB!

Julieta’s been part of our family, and her passion, commitment, and ambition have always shone bright. She believes in the importance of shared ideas, the strength of our diverse crowd, and the power of relationships – stuff that MOB has been all about since day one.

Albert has been a rock as our previous CEO. His contribution has been instrumental in making MOB what it is today. We can’t thank him enough for his hard work and dedication.” – Cecilia MoSze Tham

With Julieta in the captain’s seat, MOB is ready to sail into exciting new waters. She’s all in for nurturing newcomers, building cool partnerships, and kickstarting projects that are totally MOB style. Together, with Julieta Puigdomènech at the helm MOB will continue to empower individuals, foster innovation, and redefine the way we work, live, and connect in Barcelona.

Thank you for making it this far! We’re grateful for your support and for being part of the MOB community.