– What does it take to be considered a “digital nomad”?

Well, combining travelling and working online would be a basic definition. What it takes is enough courage, so travelling actually happens and enough of discipline, so work happens as well and keeps digital nomad lifestyle sustainable.

– Do you think a “digital nomad” lifestyle is a trend or the world is going on that direction? Why?

I think the world is going that direction automatically. Travelling is still becoming more popular and affordable than ever. Also, there are more and more remote jobs. So these 2 “trends” are generating nomads automatically. I also think people are less materialistic nowadays and they want more memories and “colourful” life.

– You´ve visited and lived in 21 different countries in one year, will you repeat one of those destinies? 

Yes, some places just stay in your heart and you keep coming back. I will definitely visit BALI, CALIFORNIA, PRAGUE again and again and again…

– By choosing this way of life, do you have any regrets? What are your biggest learnings in the latest years?

There was a period when my business was doing very well and I became lazy, I could have worked harder to keep up. But we learn from mistakes and I appreciate those times when things go wrong as well. Apart from that, NO REGRETS!  

– What would you say to someone who wants to become a freelancer for the first time? Any suggestions?

Do it when you are young when you have nothing to lose. Or do it when you really know you have enough experience. Don’t use money as your motivation tool, use your goals, dreams, freedom, happiness, progress, and money comes later. 

– Tell us about your current projects and next goals.

I run 2 magazines, Traveling Lifestyle WebCreate.Me and I also work with Nomad Cruise (digital nomad conference on a cruise ship). My goals are to keep progressing with my projects, learn how to delegate more work, responsibility and keep taking steps that takes me forward.

– You´ve been volunteering in Nepal, how was that experience?

I did it only for 3 weeks but it was amazing and super inspiring to see those people who dedicate half a year or more, just to help other people in need. It was the most beautiful experience in my life when it comes to “humanity”.

If you are in a place where almost everybody lost a family member or home recently and you are the one who’s giving them hope and smile on their face, it’s remarkable experience!

– Which are your personal dreams for the future?

Keep on scaling towards my happiness. Settle down in more than 1 place, spend more time with family, keep being active and progressive and see where it takes me.

– How and why did you choose MOB? What are the advantages of working from a coworking space?

Not sure how I found it for the first time (2 years ago) but when I walked in and felt the vibe, I was hooked immediately. Working from co-working space keeps me more productive, fits my routine and connects me with like-minded people.