On Thursday 10th, Friday 11th and Saturday 12th June we had the pleasure to host BISKIT, a concept driving design studio and unisex label exploring the intersection of art and design founded in Brooklyn, NY.

Through a pop-up and an open day event, MOB and BISKIT invited you to explore their collection ‘Spaced Out’ at MOB Bailén, where art, music, light, visuals and futuristic design took over the space.

About the label

Harsha Biswajit is one of BISKIT’s founders and visual artists, who started his creative journey in India and moved to New York in 2021, where he developed his fine-art career before moving to Barcelona. Shruti Biswajit is the other founder, who studied International Fashion Design, lived in New York and Milán, and started her own studio when moving to Madras, India. 

There are three main pillars that represent the soul of the label: DESIGNED TO BE SHARED: Encouraging society to buy less, and instead use what you have longer; DESIGNED TO BE UNIQUE: Their unisex design philosophy and limited sizing are deliberate choices that they have made to limit how much we add into this world; DESIGNED TO GIVE THE CHOICE BACK TO YOU: They are seeking those who are ready for a change. Ready for a new idea; one that isn’t built on mass production.


The Pop-Up event

Thursday and Friday were the ‘sneak peek’ days, BISKIT set up their clothes, prints and art at Café Fosc, right at the entrance of MOB Bailén. We instantly fell in love with their designs, and the best part was being able to talk to the creator, and realizing all the work and history behind each piece. Yet, Saturday was the day we were waiting for: BISKIT took over our industrial-style basement, and created a whole space scene, playing with lights, visuals, music by Suru Plus Two and of course, their clothes!

Like visiting an art exhibition, it was the perfect plan for the weekend, sponsored by Flava drinks which made the moment event better: sipping a drink, enjoying art in all its ways, meeting the artists, and the experience of being in a different world. Besides that, two other local businesses that are part of the MOB ecosystem were ready to serve delicious bites and drinks. We are talking about the ‘sisters’ Café Fosc and Rena’s Bar & Deli!

Following our values

We believe it is a key moment to support artists, rebels, creatives, small brands and businesses. People that are thriving and changing the rules through innovation and inclusivity. That’s what we aim to do by taking part in these events, and we truly hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

it is a key moment to support artists, rebels, creatives, small brands and businesses.


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