Mor Rubin is a MOB Bailén member that it’s hard to miss when you arrive at the coworking, and that’s because she has a canine pal named Missy who follows her everywhere she goes! As expected, Missy has become famous in our community —she even has her own sticker design! Her dog may be the star of the coworking space, but Mor’s love story with Barcelona (being originally from Israel) and her journey as a freelance designer is a great inspiration for those who are in the field and those who are just starting out. We leave you the interview below.

Mor and her dog Missy at MOB Bailén

Mor and her dog Missy at MOB Bailén

MOB Sticker Design Contest

Mor’s pet ‘Missy’ has her own MOB sticker

Tell us more about your work: what do you do?

As a freelance designer, I create visual identities and visually pleasing interfaces for the web and mobile. Basically, through design, I connect brands to people, on screen and paper.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I work with a variety of clients, so my favourite part is being exposed to all kinds of fields, and getting to know different types of people. I was given the opportunity to enter their world, and it is fascinating! I learn so much from my clients. There is another part that I really like, which is the customer’s reaction when she/he receives the final design.

Tell us about your story with Barcelona. How did you end up in this city?

7 years ago, I studied here as part of a student exchange. I fell in love immediately and didn’t want to leave. I promised myself I would come back, so here I am 🙂

What advice would you give to someone that is starting your profession?

Design is a sought-after profession, so you will find yourself many times adapting yourself to the client’s style, and finding ways to tell their story. So don’t forget your own voice and create your own personal project. Ultimately this will attract the right customers to you, those who are interested in your style.

How do you perceive being a woman in this field?

I must say that I am really not alone. I’m surrounded by amazing, creative and interesting women. Women in this field inspire, make decisions, and lead. I worked in an advertising agency where the entire design department was run by women.

Favourite project you’ve worked so far?

My latest project, designing an online store for a magical spiritual center, which offers entry into the mystical world, reading tarot cards, buying crystals and candles. I tried to transfer the experience of the physical store to the digital world. So I collaborated with a “fantasy worlds” artist, and integrated the work into the website, the results were amazing.

Mor Rubin’s favourite project: a “Fairy” online store

You can see more of her work at

Thank you!